The physical side of it--
The brown dog studio is based in Detroit, Michigan. Each original piece is done on locally salvaged or recycled wood and are finished with a thick layer of epoxy resin. Prints are professionally printed on recycled, archival quality paper and backed with white mat board. 

To view available work for purchase visit The Brown Dog Studio's ETSY page or come visit us every weekend at the Rust Belt Market in downtown Ferndale, Michigan.

The emotional side of it--
I believe it is the small, sometimes forgotten, moments that end up shaping our lives. That exact moment when you decided to stay or go- When you opted to take the job, or to leave it- When you said "I love you," or when you realized you didn't- Something as small as when you went left, instead of right, to something as grand as the moment you realized life is short and meant to be lived simply. Our lives are a collection of these anticipatory moments that together build a life filled with deep complexities and vivid memories. These are the moments I like to represent in my art.
As an artist, I believe in the power of creating and exploring- both can lead to all kinds of discoveries.

Behind the name--
While trying to choose a studio name, I looked over at my dog and she tilted her head in her knowingly and wise way - I took it as a sign.